And the Petals Fall


Concise Biblical proofs that cause the TULIP to wither
and the Petals to Fall one-by-one until it is without life.

And the Petals Fall  provides Biblical proofs that the TULIP cannot withstand.

In this book you will learn how to answer Calvinists when they confront you
with a passage of Scripture which they consider to be one of their strongholds.

Following are some of the subjects covered in

And the Petals Fall

Biblical proof that Faith always precedes Regeneration.
Note: these are not answers simply proving that faith precedes salvation
but does in fact precede Regeneration.

Biblical answers renouncing what Calvinists refer to as
"The Golden Chain of Redemption."

Biblical answers to the question of what we are predestinated to,
since the Bible clearly teaches that we are not predestinated unto salvation.

Biblical answers proving who the Sheep of John 10 really are,
and the verses Calvinists are afraid to discuss.

Biblical answers proving that in John 3:16 the "world" is in fact the whole world
and that "whosoever" is in fact whosoever.
This verse is not referring only to the elect as Calvinists would have us believe.

Biblical answers defining who the Elect are.

Biblical answers proving how and when one becomes Elect.

Biblical answers from Jesus' own words proving that John 6
does not teach what Calvininsts refer to as "the Doctrines of Grace."

We believe that God has given the answers
to the questions raised by Calvinistic TULIP theology
in His holy, inerrant Word, the Bible. We need not rely on man's wisdom.

And the Petals Fall
takes a careful look into God's Word bringing to light
the clear teaching of the Bible (not men's opinions)
that cause the TULIP to wither and the petals
to fall from the stem one-by-one, leaving it limp,
lifeless, and plucked up by the roots.






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