And the Petals Fall

Does the Bible agree with the Doctrines of TULIP theology?
  • Total Depravity of Man
  • Unconditional Election
  • Limited Atonement
  • Irresistible Grace
  • Perseverance of the Saints

No, the Bible does not support these, the major tenets of Calvinism. These doctrines are in opposition to what God has plainly shown in His Word. The Bible does teach about election and predestination, though their explanations are not as Calvinists would have us believe.

And the Petals Fall was inspired by a continuing search of the Scriptures to see what God really has to say about the tenets of TULIP theology. God did not leave us without a sure answer to the many questions raised by Calvinistic TULIP theology. God has given us the answers in His Holy, inerrant Word, the Bible. After reading the Scriptures with a mind that is open to what God has to say, one will come to realize that the "TULIP" can not survive its battle with the Word of God, and the petals fall one by one.

In And the Petals Fall you will find definitive, undeniable answers from God's Word proving:

  • Faith always precedes regeneration.
  • There is not a "Golden Chain of Redemption."
  • Biblical predestination has nothing to do with obtaining salvation.
  • The "other sheep" of John 10:16 are not Gentiles.
  • John 3:16 destroys the first 4 points of Tulip theology.
  • There are no unsaved elect Gentiles.
  • Not only does John 6 not teach the so-called "doctrines of grace," but actually refutes them.
  • Plus Bible verses you will never hear a Calvinist discuss.

And the Petals Fall is not an attack on any Calvinist(s) personally. There are many good men among them. The author's desire throughout this book is that it should not be construed as an attack on any of these men, but rather a Biblical look at the subject matter alone.

Clear, Concise Biblical Answers Rebutting Calvinistic Strongholds 


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